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Sewickley winter market this Sat. 17th

Posted 12/13/2016 12:07pm by Shawn & Wendy Temple.

Hi!  Our 1st winter farm market will be this Saturday, Dec. 17th at Sewickley from 9:30-noon.  Anyone who would like to pre-order is welcome to, via email or phone.  We will bring some inventory with us as well, but a pre-order will insure you get what you want and get you out of the cold weather a little faster.  We have grown our winter market and have many of the summer vendors coming.   Contact info:  contactus@templefamilyfarm.com   724-301-2339 or 330-429-0567.

Thank you all for your support!

Wendy & Shawn Temple

Temple Family Farm

PRODUCT LIST:  PORK---Bacon (Reg., Fresh, Cottage, Canadian); Pork Chops (Bone-in, Boneless, Smoked, Stuffing); Ham (Steak, Bnl Breakfast slices, Half);  Ribs (St. Louis, Baby Back, Country);  Roasts (Bone-in Shoulder, Bnl Shoulder, Loin); Shanks (Smoked or Fresh), Tenderloin, Pork Cubes, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, Hamloaf mix, Pork Sticks, Leaf Lard, Neckbones,;  Rope Sausage (Jalapeno, Jalapeno Peach, Andouille, Sicilian w/lemon & orange, Chorizo, Cajun, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Garlic, Bangers, Bourbon, Cheddar); Breakfast Links (Reg., Blueberry Maple, Raspberry Maple, Apple); Bulk Sausage (Ground Pork, Hot Italian, Sweet Italian, Garlic, Breakfast).   LAMB---Ground, Cubes, Loin Chops, Shank, Shoulder Steaks, Boneless Leg Roast (half & whole), Bone-in Leg Roast, Boneless Loin Roast.   BEEF---Ground


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