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Sewickley Winter Market this Sat. 20th

Posted 2/16/2016 12:21am by Shawn & Wendy Temple.

Hi!   Our Sewickley Winter Farm Market will be 9:30-noon this coming Saturday,February 20th.   We will be in our usual spot in the St. James parking lot.     Pre-orders welcome via email, phone 724-301-2339, or text 330-429-0567.     The following is a list of items available for pre-order; most (but not all) will be available at the market:


*Whole pastured organic chicken;       *Beef: (This is our remaining stock until fall)1 1/2 lb. liver, 5 bone-in Ribeye, 1 Strip steak, 1 Sirloin, 4 London broil, 8 Stew cubes, 4 Chuck roast, 2 Round Tip roast, 2 Rump roast, 1 Eye of Round roast, 1 Brisket (2.23#), 1 Flank (.68#), 1 Skirt (.92#), Ground beef    *Pork:  Bacon (Reg., fresh, cottage, canadian), Loin Chops (bnl, bone-in, smoked), Roasts (bnl or bone-in shoulder, loin), Ham (half, slice, breakfast slice), Ribs (Baby, St. louis, country), Shank, Hot dogs, Pork cubes, Tenderloin, Kielbasa, Pork sticks, Ham loaf, Leaf lard, Rope Sausage (Sweet Ital, Hot Ital, Garlic, Andouille, Chorizo, Cajun, Bourbon, Bangers, Jalapeno, Pepper & Onion), Breakfast Link Sausage (Reg., Raspberry Maple, Blueberry Maple, Apple), Bulk Sausage (Sweet Ital, Hot Ital, Breakfast, Garlic), Ground pork    *Lamb:  Shank, Ground, Leg Roast, Loin chops, Bnl loin roast, Cubes ///  Prices at templefamilyfarm.com or please ask



 Thank You!       Shawn & Wendy Temple,     Temple Family Farm

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